Marcus Burnett i Mike Lowrey należą do tajnego wydziału antynarkotykowego policji w Miami. W dzień po największym sukcesie - przejęciu heroiny o wartości 100 mln dolarów, przydarza im się największa wpadka: heroina zostaje skradziona z posterunku. Burnett i Lowrey mają zaledwie 3 dni na jej odzyskanie, gdyż zwierzchnicy podejrzewają, że kradzież zorganizował ktoś z oddziału. Walcząc z czasem, śledzą mistrza złodziei, tajemniczego Foucheta. Przestępcę może zidentyfikować jedyny, w dodatku dość kłopotliwy i gadatliwy świadek: piękna Julie Mott. (Polsat)


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angielski There's nothing like reminiscing nostalgically and having some fun at the same time. For example, I watched the DVD of Bad Boys today after many years... It's an incredible hit - these guys haven't lost any of their charm in 15 years! If it weren't for the fact that cell phones somehow don't exist in the film yet, you'd think Bay only made it last year. Four and a half stars (and tonight I'll get to the second film, which has - ahem - eluded me so far).__P.S. I love the soundtrack (score) and could listen to it all the time. ()


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angielski Bad Boys, or else the directing debut of Michael Bay, a guy who if he filmed a pile of manure, it would look effective. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in roles that fit them like a glove. Tchéky Karyo as the nicely slippery murderer with no morals who kills people for failing to brush their teeth after dinner. Excellent verbal exchanges are framed by sweet action sequences that will entertain you even on the worst day of your life. ()



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angielski I don’t like Michael Bay films very much (with the honourable exception of The Rock), and I watched Bad Boys only because I didn’t have anything else to do and didn’t want to think. At best, I expected that the megalomaniac action wouldn’t be boring and that I wouldn’t drown in pathos. Be lo and behold! Bad Boys doesn’t have that much action or pathos. It’s a better film than Transformers or Pearl Harbour, but nothing that would make me jump in joy. ()


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angielski Pragmatically speaking, the first Bad Boys isn’t an exceptional picture in any way. More explosive, better written and filmed action pictures certainly exist; it’s just that very few of them can boast such a laid-back atmosphere. This is not yet Bay’s (high) standard either in terms of directing or pace, but maybe this is why the first Bad Boys is so pleasant. It is more reserved than his later pictures. It certainly has some problem areas, but overall it is simply the essence of cool. ()


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angielski Nowadays, perhaps a classic that is always guaranteed to entertain. Smith is likeable and a great actor on top of that, and Lawrence again proved to me that when he gets a proper role in a proper film, he can handle it perfectly. I understand some of the negative reactions (especially from those who hate Lawrence), but for me personally, Bad Boys is an example of a perfectly balanced and entertaining action comedy. 75% ()

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