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Niezwykle zabawna i mądra opowieść o miłości, przyjaźni i o tym, że nawet w najgorszych czasach możemy sprawić, że życie jest piękne. Sympatyczny lecz niezamożny Guido zakochuje się w pięknej Dorze. Dziewczyna jest dla niego niedostępna jak księżniczka-pochodzi bowiem z bogatej rodziny i jest zaręczona z pewnym gruboskórnym urzędnikiem. Guido wprowadza w życie najbardziej szalone pomysły byle tylko zwrócić na siebie uwagę. gdy w końcu mu się to udaje, jego szczęście burzy wybuch wojny. Guido znowu wykorzystuje swoją wyobraźnię i poczucie humoru, by oszczędzić swoim bliskim wojennego koszmaru. (Tim Film Studio)


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angielski The experience of a lifetime. If all films carried messages and emotions like this one, the civilised world could be truly beautiful, joyful and free of ugly ethical crimes. Because if, instead of bloody slaughter and advocacy of violence, we only watched Roberto Benigni singing and playing with his unsuspecting son in a concentration camp, we could never come up with the wrong ideas. Okay, it would certainly get boring soon, but for once it's simply an indescribable viewer's ecstasy. Thanks Roberto! 100% ()


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angielski Robert Benigni is basically a better director than he is actor. While from his position as director he managed to imprint a very positive and “humanist" mood, he fails as an actor so much that, while being the only downside, he is a massive drawback for the movie. His Guido is supposed to be a pleasantly talkative, optimistic dreamer, but in the end he is just one of those completely unbearable people who can’t keep his mouth shut even for one moment. Everything else about this movie is excellent, from the screenplay, through the technical aspects to the supporting actors... and he keeps going on and on. ()



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angielski An expertly crafted Italian masterpiece, which I will never appreciate. At the beginning, I was given a romantic comedy and since I watched the movie without knowing the premise, I couldn't be prepared for such a drastic disruption of the established atmosphere. I would accept a complete change of storytelling style and transformation into a war drama, but the attempt to lighten the later chilling moments only made me more nervous in most cases. Then even the most famous scene of the whole film loses its power. Objectively speaking, Benigni knows what he is doing, the concept and the entire devised plot are worth it, but as his audience, I don't feel connected. ()


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angielski Highly unrealistic but pleasantly sentimental, this deeply human film depicts childhood experienced during a brutally cruel time. The script is cleverly built on the memories of a young boy. As is known, the human brain has a unique healing ability to filter out the unpleasant from our memory, making even such an idealized version of the past acceptable and justified. Thanks to this, the survival of Jews in a concentration camp can be presented as a captivating game, allowing viewers to dream along with the main character. Overall impression 85%. Roberto Benigni surpassed himself as an actor, writer, and director. ()


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angielski This is a film that shows a person who can love incredibly, purely, and without being evil. It may be somewhat naive, but at the same time, it's a beautiful portrayal of what essentially is the ideal of love for a child and for another human being. Something that virtually none of us can do. It’s so beautiful that, in contrast to the events, it sends shivers down your spine. ()

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