Director John Badham's passionate thriller stars Jason Patric as Henry Donovan, a talented and cynical New York painter who is caught between the high ideals of his artist father (Rod Steiger) and his passion for art forgery. Tempted by an outrageous fee to paint a never-before-seen Rembrandt, he travels to Europe to attempt the impossible task of copying the famous Dutch master. There he meets a lovely French professor (Irene Jacob) who specializes in the works and history of Rembrandt. Motivated by the art and passions of Europe, Donovan paints his fake in secret and delivers a stunning copy to the art dealers who have hired him, realizing too late, that they intend on selling the newly discovered "Rembrandt" at an auction and framing him for murder. Their discovery rocks the art world, creating an international scandal when Donovan confesses to painting the fake himself, trying to prove his innocence. Ironically, his work is too skilled, and no one will believe the frustrated painter, leading him on a high-stakes chase through Europe as he attempts to steal back the painting that rightfully belongs to him. (oficjalny tekst dystrybutora)