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The Royal Hotel (2023)

od 28.06.2024 28.06.

Sukienka Oskara (2021)

od 21.06.2024 21.06.

Mój syn Ezra (2023)

od 21.06.2024 21.06.

Wake Up (2023)

od 21.06.2024 21.06.

Tylko my dwoje (2023)

od 21.06.2024 21.06.

Orzeł i reszta (2021)

od 21.06.2024 21.06.

Arka Noego. Ahoj przygodo! (2024)

od 21.06.2024 21.06.

Ruchomy zamek Hauru (2004)

od 21.06.2024 21.06.

Egzorcyzm (2024)

od 21.06.2024 21.06.

Nowe recenzje TOP użytkowników

Bartender: Kami no Glass

JeoffreyBartender: Kami no Glass(2024)

As someone who had a close relationship with alcohol from eighteen to thirty (and my liver now pays the price) and started binge-watching anime during that time, I, of course, watched the original Bartender adaptation from 2006. I remember its charming atmosphere, filled with philosophical musings about life,…

Kono subaraší sekai ni šukufuku o! - Season 3

JeoffreyKono subaraší sekai ni šukufuku o! - Season 3(2024)

Not gonna lie, after the Megumin spin-off, I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy Konosuba as much anymore. The biggest issue I had with the spin-off was that it just didn’t seem all that funny. What if Konosuba isn’t as hilarious as I remember? What if I don’t laugh every episode like in the previous seasons? But it only…

Notatki o skandalu

KakaNotatki o skandalu(2006)

An exemplary build-up, a depressing atmosphere of despair and unsurprisingly superb performances. Cate Blanchett's performance is exemplary again, in the style of Blue Jasmine, and Judy Dench is also amazing as the bitter, old and psychopathic crone. High School Misery.



A corpse played by Daniel Radcliffe as the kindred spirit of a suicidal outsider played by Paul Dano? Why not?! An irresistibly imaginative and surprising cinematic flight of fancy packed with friendship, farting, existential ideas and personal fragments of life, among which each of us can find “their own”.



Alone loses points because of its unimaginative screenplay and the improbable behaviour of its characters. The forest setting is not enough, nor is the typologically well-chosen killer when there is neither the skill nor effort to motivationally shape his character, to somehow surprise the viewer or to have a greater…


Nowe recenzje od progresywnych użytkowników



Never-ending reruns on TV actually made me adopt the series as my own. Then followed a few years of rest and doubts whether it had aged too much, but now for its twentieth anniversary, I'm planning a rewatch. That's because recently I've seen some gems again like The One Where Monica And Richard Are Just Friends and I…

Co kryje prawda

NinadeLCo kryje prawda(2000)

Truly a high-quality surprise. Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer fit together amazingly, and the intimate horror genre suits them well. The transformation of both is a delightful pleasure. I still remember them as a cinema novelty.

Epochální výlet pana Třísky do Ruska

gudaulinEpochální výlet pana Třísky do Ruska(2010)


I already have some issues with Filip Remunda's filmography, but this time it's a major crisis. His film doesn't bring anything new about Russia that isn't already well-known from vastly superior documentaries and feature films from the past. Instead, it's full of posing, forced exaggerations, and, frankly, nonsense.…

Zrcadlo nenávisti

gudaulinZrcadlo nenávisti(1987)

A solid TV crime drama featuring an amateur detective and an almost mysterious storyline that focuses on the psychological aspect of crime and the question of how justice can address all forms of crime and conscience issues. It's one of those cases where the genre wasn't influenced by the ideology of real socialism.…

Žena z Korinta

gudaulinŽena z Korinta(1986)

A typical Oldřich Daněk television play based on quality dialogues, which, using the framework of a story from Ancient Greece, discusses the most fundamental questions of human morality. Daněk has produced even better pieces, but thanks to the excellent cast, I lean towards giving this one five stars. Overall…


Najczęściej odwiedzani aktorzy

Mel Gibson (aktor / reżyser / producentaktor / reżyser, ur. 1956)
Viggo Mortensen (aktor / kompozytor / reżyseraktor / kompozytor, ur. 1958)
Danny Glover (aktor / reżyser / producentaktor / reżyser, ur. 1946)
Naomi Scott (aktorka / scenarzystkaaktorka / scenarzystka, ur. 1993)
Jodie Comer (aktorkaaktorka, ur. 1993)
Austin Butler (aktoraktor, ur. 1991)

Najczęściej odwiedzani twórcy

Jeff Nichols (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1978)
Parker Finn (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1987)
Steven Soderbergh (reżyser / operator / montażystareżyser / operator, ur. 1963)
Leslye Headland (reżyserka / scenarzystka / twórczynireżyserka / scenarzystka, ur. 1980)
Guy Ritchie (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1968)
George Miller (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1945)


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Jutro obchodzą urodziny

Lana Del Rey

aktorka / kompozytorka / scenarzystka

39. urodziny