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Eric (2024)

Sympatyk (2024)

Fallout (2024)

Reniferek (2024)

Geek Girl (2024)

Kafka (2024)

Mroczna materia (2024)

Sugar (2024)

We Are Lady Parts (2021)

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Jurek Maskonurek: Misja Puffinów (2023)

od 07.06.2024 07.06.

Lekcje tolerancji (2023)

od 07.06.2024 07.06.

The Strangers: Chapter 1 (2024)

od 31.05.2024 31.05.

Wolni. Podróż do wnętrza (2023)

od 31.05.2024 31.05.

Haikjú!! Movie: Gomisuteba no kessen (2024)

od 31.05.2024 31.05.

Jedno życie (2023)

od 31.05.2024 31.05.

Garfield (2024)

od 31.05.2024 31.05.

Puchatek: Krew i miód 2 (2024)

od 31.05.2024 31.05.

Smak wolności (2023)

od 31.05.2024 31.05.

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Diuna: Część druga (2024)

od 24.05.2024 24.05.

Snajper (2014)

od 24.05.2024 24.05.

Diuna (2021)

od 24.05.2024 24.05.

Wonka (2023)

od 22.03.2024 22.03.

Aquaman i zaginione królestwo (2023)

od 15.03.2024 15.03.

Marvels (2023)

od 26.02.2024 26.02.

Indiana Jones i artefakt przeznaczenia (2023)

od 05.12.2023 05.12.

Startuje na DVD

Diuna: Część druga (2024)

od 24.05.2024 24.05.

Diuna (2021)

od 24.05.2024 24.05.

Raport Pileckiego (2023)

od 19.04.2024 19.04.

Strzępy (2022)

od 19.04.2024 19.04.

Powstaniec 1863 (2024)

od 18.04.2024 18.04.

Ekipa z dżungli. Misja ratunkowa (2023)

od 18.04.2024 18.04.

Kolor purpury (2023)

od 10.04.2024 10.04.


Nowe recenzje TOP użytkowników

Une affaire d'honneur

EvilPhoEniXUne affaire d'honneur(2023)

This French historical drama is worth a watch. The men settle their honour by duelling each other with swords or pistols, and the acting is dominated by fencing master Roschdy Zem, who plays a very likeable character. It's got attractive visuals, strong themes like honour, pride and feminism, interesting dueling rules…



The story from an unreliable narrator, a double agent, full of deceit and uncertainty. Hoa Xuande is the discovery of the year, an utterly convincing performance from a chameleon you root for despite his moral failings. He's overshadowed only by the multi-role Robert Downey Jr. and he's a little different every time,…

Batwoman - Tell Me the Truth

NinadeLBatwoman - Tell Me the Truth(2019)

The first episode with the series' Julia Pennyworth. Casting Christina Wolfe was a classic whitewashing drama because in the comics she's the dark-skinned daughter of Batman's butler Alfred and Mademoiselle Marie (but only since 2014). Originally, everyone was white, and Julia started as Julia Remarque, whose…

Civil War

KakaCivil War(2024)

A film that offers some impressive moments, but as a whole it mostly skims the surface. It deals with a few key themes, but it is mostly too thesis-like and one-dimensional. A raging America where we get no introduction and a miserable, rushed conclusion. Jesse Plemons steals for himself what is undoubtedly the film's…



It’s too colourful, too CGI-laden, and Jennifer Lopez runs around with her big ass at the beginning and admits in one of the dialogues that she has wrinkles and covers her grey hair because nobody gets younger, and for that she gets my nod because her Botox colleagues in the industry probably see it differently. You…


Nowe recenzje od progresywnych użytkowników

Dead Heat

JFLDead Heat(1988)

They just don't make them like that anymore. The 1980s had their unmistakable charm thanks to the collapse of the floodgates that had held back decadent creativity, which in turn brought a boom to the video market. In the seventies, it was still necessary for films to attract viewers to cinemas, so every effort was…

Night of the Living Bread

JFLNight of the Living Bread(1990)

Though this short parody of Romero’s classic basically only has one idea, it is necessary to acknowledge its makers’ feel for comedic timing and imaginative shot composition, thanks to which the varying of a single joke over the course of eight minutes remains not only bearable, but even refreshingly absurd.

Incubo sulla città contaminata

JFLIncubo sulla città contaminata(1980)

Umberto Lenzi repeatedly asserted that his film is not about zombies and one can only agree with him in principle when considering the behaviour of the mutant killers in Nightmare City. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to deny that this film piggy-backs on the popularity of zombies at the time, particularly the boom in…



Bob Clark and Alan Ormsby continue down the trail blazed by Romero. Following Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, an absurd satire of discredited hippie ideals, this time they use the living dead in a biting reflection of Vietnam syndrome and the issue of reassimilating returning soldiers into a society that…

To the Limit

JFLTo the Limit(1995)

Anna Nicole Smith got her first major “acting” role in the sequel to the execrable DaVinci's War (1993), a self-serving project of Joey Travolta, John’s older brother. If we take an optimistic view, it might seem that understanding the plot of To the Limit requires knowledge of the previous film, but the truth is more…


Najczęściej odwiedzani aktorzy

Anya Taylor-Joy (aktorkaaktorka, ur. 1996)
Cailee Spaeny (aktorkaaktorka, ur. 1997)
Brad Pitt (aktor / producentaktor / producent, ur. 1963)
Tom Burke (aktoraktor, ur. 1981)
Jennifer Lopez (aktorka / producentka / kompozytorkaaktorka / producentka, ur. 1969)
Charlize Theron (aktorka / producentkaaktorka / producentka, ur. 1975)

Najczęściej odwiedzani twórcy

George Miller (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1945)
Jon Watts (reżyser / scenarzysta / aktorreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1981)
Yorgos Lanthimos (reżyser / producent / scenarzystareżyser / producent, ur. 1973)
Guy Ritchie (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1968)
Mike Flanagan (reżyser / scenarzysta / montażystareżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1978)
Quentin Tarantino (reżyser / scenarzysta / aktorreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1963)


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