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Niepokalana (2024)

od 26.04.2024 26.04.

Challengers (2024)

od 26.04.2024 26.04.

Mój pies Artur (2024)

od 26.04.2024 26.04.

Władca mroku (2023)

od 26.04.2024 26.04.

Samsara (2023)

od 26.04.2024 26.04.

Delikwenci (2023)

od 26.04.2024 26.04.

Kicia Kocia w przedszkolu (2024)

od 26.04.2024 26.04.

Eureka (2023)

od 26.04.2024 26.04.

Wśród wyschniętych traw (2023)

od 26.04.2024 26.04.

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Wonka (2023)

od 22.03.2024 22.03.

Aquaman i zaginione królestwo (2023)

od 15.03.2024 15.03.

Marvels (2023)

od 26.02.2024 26.02.

Indiana Jones i artefakt przeznaczenia (2023)

od 05.12.2023 05.12.

Zakonnica II (2023)

od 01.12.2023 01.12.

Zielona granica (2023)

od 23.11.2023 23.11.

Oppenheimer (2023)

od 22.11.2023 22.11.

Startuje na DVD

Kolor purpury (2023)

od 10.04.2024 10.04.

Życzenie (2023)

od 25.03.2024 25.03.

Wonka (2023)

od 22.03.2024 22.03.

Polowanie (2023)

od 15.03.2024 15.03.

Aquaman i zaginione królestwo (2023)

od 15.03.2024 15.03.

Figurant (2023)

od 01.03.2024 01.03.

Marvels (2023)

od 26.02.2024 26.02.


Nowe recenzje TOP użytkowników

The Brittany Murphy Story

NinadeLThe Brittany Murphy Story(2014)

A weak biopic, whose quality is on par with typical TV Lifetime content. However, Brittany Murphy's story is worth telling, and if this attempt inspires another team, it will only be a good thing. There was once an ambitious girl, and even though she was destined to play ugly ducklings in the nineties, she gradually…

Godzilla i Kong: Nowe imperium

LimaGodzilla i Kong: Nowe imperium(2024)

If I had to compare Adam Wingard's previous Godzilla vs. Kong and this one, I would compare it to a concert of Def Leppard vs a concert of the grindcore band Cannibal Corpse. I mean, sleek, a bit predictable, safe rock vs. totally unhinged wildness in the front row of the audience to the point of being health hazard.…



It's much better than I Wanna Dance with Somebody. It's still not entirely great, but it's decent. Even the relationship with Robyn Crawford is not really suppressed here, so the only reason someone might want another Whitney biography is to bring that material to the movie theater.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody

NinadeLI Wanna Dance with Somebody(2022)

If I had gone to the movie theater to see this biography, I would have been disappointed. I definitely agree with the opinion that even an average documentary would easily surpass this feature film. A weak, uninteresting work that only exists to illustrate the book of Whitney Houston's first partner Robyn Crawford A…

Rakudai Majo

JeoffreyRakudai Majo(2023)

Imagine being tasked with writing a fairy tale about a young witch and an evil sorceress for kids aged 8-12, but you're not particularly inspired. The result? A tale that's simple, predictable, and brimming with the most basic lessons about the power of friendship triumphing over evil. At times, viewers might find…


Nowe recenzje od progresywnych użytkowników

Spartacus - Śmierć wszystkim

NinadeLSpartacus - Śmierć wszystkim(2010)

A bloodbath finale with all the trimmings. To spice up the final story of the gladiator uprising and the massacre of Roman nobility, the narrative shatters into a series of flashbacks and everyone will truly enjoy themselves. Mira demands coitus from Spartacus, Varro's widow Aurelia seeks revenge on young Numerius,…

Spartacus - Większe dobro

NinadeLSpartacus - Większe dobro(2012)

The episode The Greater Good connects old stories from Gods of Arena with new points from Blood and Sand. Nevia has been found, and the new recasts are starting to clash more and more. It is necessary to rise above the past and focus on new faces. Viewers familiar with the power of The Greater Good from previous…

Paper Girls

NinadeLPaper Girls(2022)

From the adaptations of Brian K. Vaughan / Cliff Chiang's comics, this is by far my favorite work. It's a shame there won't be a sequel. But still, a series was created that is full of nostalgia for childhood spent in the American 80s, autobiographical experiences (Vaughan studied film in the 90s), and there is time…

Dziewczyna Hitchcocka

NinadeLDziewczyna Hitchcocka(2012)

They come in pairs. While in movie theaters Hitchcock staged Psycho, television was looking after The Birds and Marnie. Apart from the nonsense that every single Hitchcock film should have its own film about the film, it's actually a pretty solid TV movie. HBO already has several similar projects under its belt, like…

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

NinadeLBarbie: Life in the Dreamhouse(2012)

Life in the Dreamhouse is an incredibly meta affair. At the time, I didn't like this series very much because I simply wasn't interested in seeing through the hard irony bordering on parody. Although it is a series of mini sketches, the basic script formula is based on classic situational comedy, in which a group of…


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Zoë Kravitz (aktorka / scenarzystka / kompozytorkaaktorka / scenarzystka, ur. 1988)
Zendaya (aktorka / producentkaaktorka / producentka, ur. 1996)
Ella Purnell (aktorkaaktorka, ur. 1996)
Adria Arjona (aktorkaaktorka, ur. 1992)
Hiroyuki Sanada (aktor / producentaktor / producent, ur. 1960)
Channing Tatum (aktor / producent / reżyseraktor / producent, ur. 1980)

Najczęściej odwiedzani twórcy

Luca Guadagnino (reżyser / producent / scenarzystareżyser / producent, ur. 1971)
Zack Snyder (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1966)
Alex Garland (scenarzysta / reżyser / pisarzscenarzysta / reżyser, ur. 1970)
Ruben Östlund (reżyser / scenarzysta / montażystareżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1974)
Quentin Tarantino (reżyser / scenarzysta / aktorreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1963)
Guy Ritchie (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1968)


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Jason Lee

aktor / producent / reżyser

54. urodziny

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Briganti (2024)

Civil War (2024)

Challengers (2024)

Shōgun (2024)

Fallout (2024)

Boy Kills World (2023)