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Królowa chaosu (2022)

od 08.03.2024 08.03.

Kung Fu Panda 4 (2024)

od 08.03.2024 08.03.

Biała odwaga (2023)

od 08.03.2024 08.03.

Tyle, co nic (2023)

od 08.03.2024 08.03.

Czasem myślę o umieraniu (2023)

od 01.03.2024 01.03.

Przeklęta woda (2024)

od 01.03.2024 01.03.

Tylko nie ty (2023)

od 01.03.2024 01.03.

Powołany 2 (2024)

od 01.03.2024 01.03.

Diuna: Część druga (2024)

od 29.02.2024 29.02.

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Marvels (2023)

od 26.02.2024 26.02.

Indiana Jones i artefakt przeznaczenia (2023)

od 05.12.2023 05.12.

Zakonnica II (2023)

od 01.12.2023 01.12.

Zielona granica (2023)

od 23.11.2023 23.11.

Oppenheimer (2023)

od 22.11.2023 22.11.

Blue Beetle (2023)

od 10.11.2023 10.11.

Barbie (2023)

od 04.11.2023 04.11.

Startuje na DVD

Marvels (2023)

od 26.02.2024 26.02.

Uwierz w Mikołaja (2023)

od 30.01.2024 30.01.

Kosmici w mojej szkole (2023)

od 18.01.2024 18.01.

Kajtek Czarodziej (2023)

od 18.01.2024 18.01.

Sposób na ducha (2023)

od 18.01.2024 18.01.

Psi Patrol: Wielki film (2023)

od 17.01.2024 17.01.

Psi Patrol: Film (2021)

od 17.01.2024 17.01.


Nowe recenzje TOP użytkowników

Brave Citizen

EvilPhoEniXBrave Citizen(2023)

Anyone can be a hero! An unexpected gem from South Korea on their popular topic of bullying in schools, and it's awesome in every way. The main character is played by the likable Shin Hye-sun, he plays a former boxer that starts working as a substitute teacher at a school run by the bastard Lee Joon-young, who has big…

Spare Me, Great Lord - Season 2

JeoffreySpare Me, Great Lord - Season 2(2023)

The first half of this season was undeniably weaker; not much seemed to unfold in the initial six episodes. The main hero was in the spotlight, poking fun at everyone around him, racking up points for all the negative emotions thanks to his skills. If the great action scene from the first season hadn't been mentioned…



The trailers of Desperado promised a bombastic action flick from China, but the final impression is only barely satisfying. The protagonist is a former hitman who, after being released from prison works as a clown in disguise and takes care of a little girl (I didn’t the sentimental element with the child, which…

Red Right Hand

EvilPhoEniXRed Right Hand(2024)

For me, a totally watchable action B-movie with a likable Orlando Bloom and a great Andie MacDowell, who was excellent as the mafia godmother. It's suspenseful, there is some torture, and the action is only average, but serviceable enough. Entertaining, not offensive. 6/10.

Tylko nie ty

EvilPhoEniXTylko nie ty(2023)

Romcoms are back! Take two extremely likable and young Hollywood rising stars with great chemistry, stuff it with humour, make it not just an emotional romantic blackmail and this recipe can't go wrong, and judging by the decent box office returns it worked. Never mind that in terms of plot it is nothing write home…


Nowe recenzje od progresywnych użytkowników



The Poles already are almost a guarantee decent craftsmanship and The Convoy is undoubtedly an interesting thriller. The story revolves around the escorting of a murderer who someone doesn't want to survive the transport. Decent atmosphere and an interesting conclusion, but there was something missing for 4 stars. 6…

Widzę cię

EvilPhoEniXWidzę cię(2019)

An ambitious little thriller that looks uninspiring at first, but from the second half onwards it's a decent ride full of twists and suspense. Children are disappearing in town and strange things start happening in the detective's family's house, and thankfully it's not ghosts. From the second half onwards the film…



Netflix heats things up at the end of the year and serving up literally the best animated movie of the year, and from Spain! Visually, it may not be Pixar's equal, but the story is so magical, emotional and immersive that it gets under your skin. A very nice and informative origin story of Santa Claus, set in the ugly…

Nocny patrol

EvilPhoEniXNocny patrol(2019)

A solid film in the style of End of Watch. The film takes place over the course of one night, with a rookie LAPD officer and a seasoned veteran experiencing their first night of crime and bleakness together. Great dialogue, great actors, solid cinematography and an intense finale. I was entertained, intrigued and…



This film flew under my radar, but it’s definitely enjoyable and entertaining show. Jon Favreau is very good as a chef, and even though it's more about the relationship between father and son, the cooking comes through and it's very nice to watch. The icing on the cake is the gorgeous Sofia Vergara and the hilarious…


Najczęściej odwiedzani aktorzy

Paul Mescal (aktoraktor, ur. 1996)
Kevin Costner (aktor / producent / reżyseraktor / producent, ur. 1955)
Connie Nielsen (aktorkaaktorka, ur. 1965)
Andrew Lincoln (aktor / twórca / reżyseraktor / twórca, ur. 1973)
Joseph Quinn (aktoraktor, ur. 1993)
Sydney Sweeney (aktorka / producentkaaktorka / producentka, ur. 1997)

Najczęściej odwiedzani twórcy

Ridley Scott (reżyser / producent / aktorreżyser / producent, ur. 1937)
Denis Villeneuve (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1967)
Yorgos Lanthimos (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1973)
Jonathan Glazer (reżyser / scenarzysta / aktorreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1965)
Christopher Nolan (reżyser / scenarzysta / producentreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1970)
Quentin Tarantino (reżyser / scenarzysta / aktorreżyser / scenarzysta, ur. 1963)


Dziś obchodzą urodziny

Jutro obchodzą urodziny

Axel Stein

aktor / reżyser / scenarzysta

42. urodziny

Mike Figgis

reżyser / kompozytor / scenarzysta

76. urodziny