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angielski A young, novice actress’s whining that shooting an intense scene for a butter commercial with Bernardo Bertolucci and Marlon Brando ruined her life. Without mentioning that it also made here a global star (which she definitely didn’t want). The first half of the film with Matt Dillon as Brando provides an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the filming of Last Tango in Paris. In the second half, however, Being Maria is a boring, speculative film that uses a well-known event from the history of cinema to raise the profile of its creator in the post-Me-Too era. The only thing that we learn in the second half of the film is that Maria Schneider let another guy tempt her into heroin and that she found refuge in a lesbian relation (which wasn’t her first). [Cannes FF]

Motel Destino

POMOMotel Destino(2024) 

angielski A sex-packed would-be thriller/drama with a dysfunctional romantic motif. When the main characters aren’t having sex, donkeys are mating in the yard or one of the dozen couples or threesomes are going at it in a by-the-hour hotel, where half of the film takes place. And if not that, at least the sound of intercourse is heard from the televisions in the hotel rooms. Heavy breathing can be heard in the background in all of the scenes set in the hotel, even when the main characters are just talking. While there is an abundance of sexual elements to marvel at, there is zero emotion and somehow no joy in the filmmaking. I find that disconcerting coming from Karim Aïnouz, whose The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmao was for me the greatest surprise of Cannes 2019. Two and a half stars. [Cannes FF]

Furiosa: Saga Mad Max

DaViD´82Furiosa: Saga Mad Max(2024) 

angielski After nine years, the spin-off prequel to the fourth installment of the established franchise from a nearly 80-year-old geezer... If it weren't for the Mad Max franchise and the old-timer George Miller, one would have expected a mess. But that series is Mad Max and that old man is the visionary Miller, or once again, a peculiar, lavish, audio-visually polished spectacle, brimming with ideas in literally every scene. My only criticism is that the running time is too (especially in one particular chapter). It teeters on the edge of "more of the same" vs. "more room for characters and world building but not more of the same". Which isn't necessarily a criticism, but a more pronounced lean to one side might not be out of place. Either way, they are just minor details.

Eat the Night

POMOEat the Night(2024) 

angielski A crime film in a European setting, like Refn‘s Pusher, but with younger gangsters, a gay relationship between the main male characters and the sister of one of them, who serves as our guide through the film. The linking of the film to an RPG, which provides an alternative life for her and her brother, is surprisingly conceptual and gives the film a distinctive dimension and sense of drive. The armed heroine in the game is the sister’s alter ego and fills out the depiction of her real-life emotional states. The frequent intercutting of the game with the dramatic action of the film is also a parallel to the perception of reality through the eyes of teenagers who are not fully aware of the seriousness of their criminal behavior (producing and selling drugs). The content of the film is indicative of the youthful creativity of screenwriter and director Caroline Poggi, next to which her imaginativeness and feel for taking an unusual approach to storytelling stand out even more. [Cannes FF]



angielski A werewolf-like theme of nocturnal transformations into a murderous animal, this time a bull. Seriously. And there doesn’t even have to be a full moon. Despite a lot of night-time scenes and slightly bloody killings, Animale doesn’t work as a horror movie at all. It’s rather a drama with a strange “animal energy”, taking place in the countryside in the environment of bullfighting and raising bulls, with which the protagonist finds a mental connection. The narrative doesn’t lack a light artistic touch and the story offers a surprise in explaining why the transformations into a bull happen. But don’t expect a powerful movie experience, because Animale is rather just a curiosity. Two and a half stars. [Cannes FF]

Le Royaume

POMOLe Royaume(2024) 

angielski A gangster movie done differently and done well! The main character is a teenage girl and the  main motif is her relationship with her father, the head of a mafia crew. In a quiet rural setting, the situation seen from her perspective involves a threat to the crew and thus to the only family that she has. There is a sorrowful undertone of the impending inevitable outcome in parallel with getting to know the characters who, like anyone else, love those closest to them in spite of their own criminality. The Kingdom punches above its weight in the sunny Corsican atmosphere. The fate of a legacy that cannot be avoided. [Cannes FF]

Batwoman - Season 2

NinadeLBatwoman - Season 2(2021) 

angielski It took three years for the emotions to settle. In the meantime, I watched all of Supergirl and Superman & Lois. But now I'm quite curious about how the series managed to continue with the new Batwoman played by Javicia Leslie. The problem (or advantage, depending on how you look at it) is the fact that the new wearer of the costume and mask, Ryan Wilder, is a completely new character. She was created specifically for the situation in the series after the main actress, Ruby Rose, decided not to continue. Ruby Rose ended her DC career prematurely due to a spinal injury, which is understandable, and I hope she continues her work in much safer conditions in the future. The creators were left with a situation where all the supporting characters remained in place, and the new heroine was a girl who had been unlucky in life. Ryan Wilder has a lot of baggage - false accusations, months spent in prison, a childhood spent in foster homes, and several traumas. From this, you can piece together a motivation for doing good, especially if the girl knows martial arts. Surprisingly, the series is still running well in its second season. It's still quite dark compared to other DC shows on CW, but that's definitely not a minus. Alice has an interesting new side story, and the only real disappointment is that Ryan Wilder practically doesn't exist in the comics (she appears in a few panels in "Batgirl #50/2020," "DC Essential Graphic Novels 2021," "Batman: Urban Legends #5/2021," "DC Pride 2021," "Earth-Prime 2023"... her only coherent story is in the "Earth-Prime 2022" miniseries, which isn't much). But a solo title of Batwoman hasn't been published since 2018, so there's really nothing to address here. She simply shone in the era of The New 52 and then merged with the others in the Bat universe.

Boy Kills World

EvilPhoEniXBoy Kills World(2023) 

angielski A bit of a disappointment for me, only the awesome finale pulls it up to a higher rating, but otherwise a bit of a letdown. The light-hearted concept bothered me a bit, unfortunately it isn't very funny and most of the actors overact disgustingly theatrically (Andrew Koji downright pissed me off here and doesn't perform anything). I was also quite bothered by Bill Skarsgård's inner voice and the humour was surprisingly lacking, but the action scenes were good, there’s a decent portion of gore, where heads and limbs are not spared. But then comes the finale, where the final 2 in 1 fight is the new ceiling of the action genre!! It was a like out of The Raid 2, with top choreography, nice slow-motion shots, fatalities; it made me scream and sweat like few have done before, this scene will definitively be in the TOP 10 fights on YouTube. 70%

Club Zero

EvilPhoEniXClub Zero(2023) 

angielski A decent, manipulative European oddity on an interesting subject, where Mia Wasikowska (she looks terrible!) shows students new dietary trends, which soon leads to kids stopping eating and parents being sick of it. Too bad it doesn't go into further extremes and there's probably only one properly unpleasant scene. The finale is quite unexpected, but I could imagine it being more shocking. Not Bad. 6/10.

Furiosa: Saga Mad Max

EvilPhoEniXFuriosa: Saga Mad Max(2024) 

angielski George Miller is a god and serves up another excellent post-apocalyptic blast. If Fury Road was a 10, this is a very solid 9! Another great visually lavish cinematic experience, of which there won't be many this year, so don't hesitate any longer and head on over! It tells the revenge story of a young Furiosa in an attractive post-apocalyptic world. All the factions and how they work is very fun and interesting (I liked the costumes and the visuals of all the characters, they were properly insane). It's got an intense and adrenaline-packed pace, and even though the first big action scene comes somewhere before the halfway point, it's decently suspenseful and engaging until then, there's simply no danger of boredom. Anya Taylor Joy is excellent as always, and here she doesn’t even have to speak properly, her look was enough to express all the emotions perfectly. Thor a.k.a. Dementus gives the best performance of his career, he really enjoys the madman perfectly. Visually it's again very intense, the music is beautifully ear-splitting, the action scenes surprise with more and more crazy ideas, and you enjoy every shot and moment. There’s even one delightful small cameo, and the ending with the living tree was awesome! Furiosa with Dune 2 and Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is clearly the king of this year's blockbusters. There are plenty of epic moments that will make me very happy to watch Furiosa again. 9/10.

The Shrouds

POMOThe Shrouds(2024) 

angielski A step-sister of Crimes of the Future, this time set in the realistic present and more oriented toward high-tech gadgets. The stylish Vincent Cassel in a Tesla, scenes of his deceased, scarred wife Diane Kruger following an amputation, her alive-and-well sister Diane Kruger seducing her widowed brother-in-law Cassel, progressive VIP cemeteries with a video system monitoring the dead, a possible political conspiracy to misuse those systems on the part Russia and China…and so on. Not enough? Cronenberg once again takes a stab at a mysterious conversational detective flick with a great atmosphere, original ideas, mysterious-sounding scientific terms that no one understands and intimate sex shrouded in the bizarre. And of course with laughably absurd plot development around all of the characters, which seems to be terribly serious, but beneath the surface it’s nothing more than the fragile fantasy of a frightened boy. Judging from the feeble applause of more than a thousand journalists, there aren’t many of us left who will still tolerate such a thing. [Cannes FF]

Vingt dieux

POMOVingt dieux(2024) 

angielski An “agrarian” feel-good drama about rural youths who raise cows, make cheese and ride dirt bikes. A family scarred by tragedy, rivalry, tractors, sex in the barn, love and friendship, responsibility for a little sister. For a debut by a young director, Holy Cow is pleasantly authentic, with a feel for the setting and well-directed non-actors. [Cannes FF]

Gou zhen

POMOGou zhen(2024) 

angielski Brilliant wide-angle compositions in dark, discomfited filters. Not only of the desolate desert landscape, but especially the dilapidated industrial city framed by that landscape in the background. The story of a reclusive outsider, who doesn’t speak through the entire film, and the emerging friendship between him and a stray dog doesn’t offer anything new or substantially emotional, but the visual storytelling and flawless directing of the dog are fascinating. It’s a shame that the film lacks a more powerful ending that would be richer in thought. With that, I can’t give it four stars. [Cannes FF]

Za kilka dolarów więcej

KakaZa kilka dolarów więcej(1965) 

angielski A second serving of spaghetti. A retro throwback full of unique music and atmosphere, but unfortunately, unlike other classics from the era, it has aged a lot.

Furiosa: Saga Mad Max

MrHladFuriosa: Saga Mad Max(2024) 

angielski Furiosa was still a child when she was taken from her home. She grew up surrounded by violence and madness, but she never stopped wanting revenge. In the wasteland, a war is brewing between two armies of brutal dictators, and Furiosa intends to be on the front lines. George Miller returns to a harsh post-apocalyptic world, but in a slightly different way than you might expect. There's still plenty of action, and there are so many ideas in a single scene that other Hollywood blockbusters could live off of it for years. However, this time around there are more complex characters and, above all, a greater effort to immerse yourself in a world full of chaos and discover that it too has its own order. Miller delivers another one of his visually lavish and uncompromising visions, and he knows he can afford not to pander to audiences who expect nothing more than more of what they got last time.

Horyzont. Rozdział 1

POMOHoryzont. Rozdział 1(2024)

angielski A nicely outlined western epic with a large number of characters having a diverse palette of conflicts as well as family and romantic relationships. And of course natural locations from multiple corners of America that are a joy to see. Every inch of the film (including Debney’s music) gives us a sense of Costner’s love for the classic genre, which may seem almost kitschy to less knowledgeable young viewers. Horizon doesn’t aim for artistic achievements or creative innovations and is “only” a pure romantic western that, thanks to the planned lengthy runtime, can incorporate marginal scenes of everyday life from the given period, which are something that we have never seen in westerns before. That adds value to the film and – together with the “coming next” at the end – confirms that Horizon is rather a series in film form. Albeit a series in whose case it would be a shame not to see it on the big screen (which means that the spoilerish insert at the end is not a slap in the face). I’m not giving Chapter 1 a star rating for now, since it is only the first quarter of the project and the final impression will depend on the development, integration and outcome of the individual stories.

Les Femmes au balcon

POMOLes Femmes au balcon(2024) 

angielski A wacky feminist “horror” comedy with three hysterical women, a severed penis, a corpse in the refrigerator, the ghosts of dead men and sizable portions of blood and, mainly, female nudity, the amount of which we’re not used to seeing in the French mainstream (or elsewhere). That nudity interestingly enhances the openness of expressing femininity in the film, which is obviously a metaphor for the difficulty that suffering women have in dealing with men (swine). Though this almost hallucinogenically chaotic genre mish-mash is packed with admirable energy, it lacks functional dramaturgy, which would have made it an objectively good Film with a capital F. [Cannes FF]



angielski The first quarter of an hour likably introduces the characters and is pleasing due to the presence of well-liked actors. After the situation has been dramatized, however, the film descends to the level of an infantile TV production, with humour that I perhaps just don’t get and political allusions that I didn’t find clever enough for the given ensemble of actors, not even on an allegorical level. On the other hand, if such names signed off on the screenplay, maybe I’m wrong and you will find it appealing. Rumours seems to have been inspired by the “forest weirdness” of Albert Serra’s Liberté, which won the Jury Prize at Cannes a few years ago. [Cannes FF]

Oh, Canada

POMOOh, Canada(2024) 

angielski The substantial motif of opening up and purging hidden truths about oneself, publicly on camera and in the presence of one’s surprised wife. With sincere self-reflexive monologues from the character played by Richard Gere, who is great as usual and is supported by the precise Uma Thurman. The film is given a distinctive theatrical patina by the incredibly pleasant music (songs) and the attractive retro visual aspect in the flashbacks. However, its ending is unsatisfying. The theme with revealing the main character’s past with the relativity of what is and isn’t true of that past had greater potential. [Cannes FF]

Superman i Lois - Season 3

NinadeLSuperman i Lois - Season 3(2023) 

angielski The new series started off excellently. I even quite quickly accepted the new Jonathan (Michael Bishop), although I had gotten used to Jordan Elsass over the last two seasons, of course. However, the main storyline with cancer doesn't strike me as that great; it's only excellent in terms of the ambiguous triangle of who is whose (non)friend. The young characters are as authentically pathetic as always, and in the Steele household, there's the classic Shakespearean drama akin to "Romeo and Juliet"... Anyway, it's still a good show, and I don't regret the time invested in it.