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J*A*S*MResident Evil: Witajcie w Raccoon City(2021) 

I wouldn't be too critical of it, after the trailer I was expecting an even worse result. I was even surprisingly satisfied and entertained during the first half, simply because there was a goofy but fun and dark horror… (więcej)

wooozieSzybcy i wściekli 6(2013) 

After a great fifth installment, Justin Lin keeps up the established trend. He presents another action-packed spectacle, which is no longer mainly about illegal street races and car chases in general, which often looked… (więcej)

LimaGłębia strachu(2020) 

Kristen Stewart with her deadpan expression is completely out of her depth here as an actress, though the film itself is better than you’d expect from the behind-the-scenes rumors that made the rounds before it… (więcej)