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PethushkaEpoka lodowcowa 5: Mocne uderzenie(2016) 

There's competition among cartoons this year where just having a bunch of funny characters definitely won't keep you in the game. It takes a story. Preferably one that will entertain kids and adults in roughly equal… (więcej)

JeoffreySuki demo Kirai na Amanojaku(2024) 

A good movie, but not exactly groundbreaking or unforgettable. It was still a pleasant watch with relatively likable characters, both the main duo and some of the supporting ones they encountered along the way. The pace… (więcej)

lampsWorld War Z(2013) 

If you put together a great premise (I haven't read the book, but all those glowing reviews hopefully don't lie), a superstar actor and a very skilled director who can cope with the shortcomings of a rather brutally… (więcej)