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EvilPhoEniXRoad House(2024) 

A nice action romp like in the old days. I haven't seen the original, so I'm not comparing, but I enjoyed it very much. Jake Gyllenhaal prepared really for the role, playing a big and likeable guy who comes to Florida… (więcej)

POMORoad House(2024) 

Drenched in Florida sunshine, Road House is highly entertaining, testosterone-fuelled bullshit with the surprisingly cast Jake Gyllenhaal turning in another fine performance. Doug Liman helps Joel Silver update his… (więcej)

3DD!3Road House(2024) 

Doug Liman made an 80's B movie for fun and they wouldn't even let him put it in theaters! A smiling Jake Gyllenhaal hurting bad people and obviously having an incredible time doing it. Conor McGregor is perfect as the… (więcej)