If there's a price on a desperado's head, ice-blooded bounty hunter Johnny Ringo (Mark Damon) aims to collect it - in gold. Using his unerring golden sidearm (gold also forms his spurs and vest cinch), he outguns three notorious criminal brothers, sparing the fourth because no reward money is offered for him. That may be Ringo's fatal mistake. The surviving brother, desperate for revenge, organizes a gang of outlaws and Apache warriors that comes looking for the gold-fancying gunfighter while he's incarcerated in dusty Coldstone, Texas. Fearing for their lives, most of the town's citizens flee, leaving only Ringo and a scant few unlikely heroes - a sheriff ready to retire his badge, his refined wife and a grizzled old man - to fight the invaders. (oficjalny tekst dystrybutora)