Trzej muszkieterowie: D'Artagnan

  • Francja Les Trois Mousquetaires : D'Artagnan (więcej)
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Akcja filmu dzieje się od Luwru po Pałac Buckingham, od slumsów Paryża po oblężenie La Rochelle. W królestwie podzielonym wojnami religijnymi i zagrożonym inwazją Anglii, garstka mężczyzn i kobiet skrzyżuje miecze, by ratować Francję. Głównym bohaterem „Trzech muszkieterów: d’Artagnan” jest d’Artagnan (w tej roli François Civil), który marzy o tym, by zostać muszkieterem. W realizacji tego pragnienia będą próbowali mu pomóc jego nowi przyjaciele: Atos (Vincent Cassel), Portos (Pio Marmaï) i Aramis (Romain Duris). To u ich boku będzie musiał walczyć nie tylko o wolność, ale na jego barkach będzie spoczywała odpowiedzialność za dalsze losy Francji. (Monolith)


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angielski In the future, on a repeat, I'll always prefer Lester's Musketeers anyway, because it has enough juicy popcorn to feed all of Nigeria, it doesn't skimp on the humour (which is almost absent in this French version) and the vivacious Michael York is like the finest wine as D'Artagnan. On the other hand, I like this French unpolished concept. Especially the magnificent production design! Muddy, unpaved, sandy streets, men sweaty and dirty (and with yellow teeth ), when, as we know, hygiene was a priority in the 17th century, even among the high classes, and the camera with muted colours adds a lot to that realistic impression. And what can we say, cherchez la femme Eva Green is after all a sexier milady than Faye Dunaway. So actually, when I sum up the comparison, I come out with a tie, and that's not a bad mark at all. ()


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angielski This successful adaptation of Dumas's classic slightly updates the famous story and relies on great action scenes, beautiful sets and a charismatic cast. It completely omits humour and plays on a serious note, and it mostly works very well. Unfortunately, Martin Bourboulon doesn't quite manage to sell the more intimate scenes and dialogue, and towards the end it feels like he's bitten off too big a bite; the finale, however impressive, is a bit too much. But despite these problems, this is a highly above-average adventure flick straddling the line between old-school and modern filmmaking. ()


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angielski Gone are the saturated colors and boisterous choreography of Lester’s classic version. Bourboulon has his protagonists rooting around in the dirt and mud, D'Artagnan literally in the first scene. The humor is also gone, but that doesn’t mean that the trio, which is actually a quartet, lacks distinctive wit and charm. The cast is good, the sets are properly shabby, the costumes are dirty and the plot is rife with intrigues. The deviations from Dumas are defensible and it’s apparent that this new adaptation wants to bring more behind-the-scenes scheming into play and somewhat sideline the love motifs, which is fine. It’s a shame that some of the plot shortcuts have slightly confused logic, but after a few doubts about whether all that Protestant fun below Paris is only a needless digression, the feeling that everything can be made into an excellent spectacle in the sequel ultimately wins out. In the end, I'm bothered only by minor issues with the film, mainly the fact that Richelieu is an expressionless character. But everything else works. The one-shot action replaced the playful choreography with physicality and the musketeers soon settle into it.  A very respectable contribution to the Dumas canon! ()


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angielski The concept of an old-school adventure film, the kind that is no longer in vogue today. This is Dumas to the core. Admittedly, in terms of style, it's dirtier and grittier than usual, with a few (not bad at all) subplots of its own, but otherwise it's exactly what you'd want from a modern adaptation of a classic. The production design, the locations, the costumes, the choreography of the single take action, the pacing, the characters, everything is so classic Three Musketeers that is almost surprising. I expected (or rather feared) a greater mincing of the source material in a (post)modern package. As soon as I left the cinema I immediately looked to see when the second part would come, and sadly, it isn’t until the end of the year. ()


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angielski A fan of historical big movies should not hesitate to go to the cinema. A French adaptation of the famous classic by Alexandre Dumas has arrived and I would say it is also the best to date. The huge budget is evident, the beautiful locations and settings are a delight and the best French stars are available: Vincent Cassel, Eva Green and Francois Civil. There are slight changes to the original story, so it's not an exact copy, but they are minor deviations that I welcome warmly. The new adaptation is without a doubt grittier, more action-packed, dirtier and darker. I was most impressed by the action shot in one take, which fits perfectly and is intense enough. I can't recall better filmed sword fights from other films. The finale in particular can lean on the attractive cathedral setting and the decent chaos that erupts there is delicious. All the actors do a good job and even the non-action passages where political intrigue builds up are entertaining. Certainly the film is also suitably suspenseful and atmospheric and visually impressive. I look forward to the second part. 7.5/10. ()


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angielski Fans of Dumas' might not agree, but "The Three Musketeers" is at best "just" period-conditioned consumable reading, excessively naive and heavily romanticized. Directors attempting to adapt the book were aware of its limitations and the resulting risks for today's audience, often opting for exaggeration and comedic stylization. Martin Bourboulon takes a different approach, opting for a "serious" adventure-romantic treatment lined with a star-studded cast and solid production design. It's arguably the "dirtiest" and most raw treatment of the material I've encountered so far. Despite all efforts, it falls short. It encounters similar pitfalls as directors of recent Bond films, trying to imbue their hero with deeper psychology and adding more artistic elements, yet still ending up with an overblown action movie featuring an invincible hero who dispatches scores of opponents without batting an eye. Here, in the confrontation scene with the cardinal's guards, the quartet of heroes handles six times the numerical superiority without a scratch (and moreover, in a disadvantageous situation of surprise and encirclement!). The action fight scenes are mostly shot in a confusing manner, but the positives clearly outweigh the negatives. Eva Green as Milady and Vincent Cassel as Athos are reliable highlights. Overall impression: 80%. ()


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angielski A swashbuckling, raucous and modern adaptation of Dumas' classic. More emphasis is placed on the action scenes, which are gritty, dynamic, and with great choreography. There have been so many versions of “The Three Musketeers” that I'm not even sure how it was supposed to be done, but the snipers in the church is a very good sequence. Eva Green is incredible as Milady, and overall it's a very strong cast. The ending is outrageously open and I'm looking forward to the second one. ()


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angielski Finally, a properly filmed legend. Although not so heavyweight in terms of the actors' names, it can't compare with the 90s version, but actually in everything else it does and in many parameters it even surpasses it. This new remake is much less of a likeable pulp flick and much more of a gritty, dark film of intrigue with excellent sets and fantastically shot action, but there's very little of that so far and that's a shame. Only a fraction of films in French production have this kind of bold handheld camerawork and editing. It's expected that the sequel will be suitably epic and live up to expectations, as many fans are duly hyped after the first installment, and quite rightly so. PS: Captain Rochefort is missing! ()


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angielski This is my third encounter with the immortal classic after The Man in the Iron Mask from the 1990 and the somewhat overdone Paul W.S. Anderson adaptation, but I have never read the book, so I can't blame filmmakers for their faithfulness to the source material or lack thereof. After watching this film, however, and considering that the story of The Three Musketeers is split into two films, you can sense that they took care in this regard. As this is a notorious story, the film offers no big plot surprises, but it does offer solid adventure full of action, intrigue and well done fights – the "bloody" wedding or the chase on the cliffs really had some serious moments. I'm curious to see what the sequel will bring, which will give more space to Eva Green, who is perfect in these demonic creatures. ()


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angielski Ever since I first read the book, I found myself pondering why those skilled swordsmen were dubbed musketeers, but it never piqued my curiosity enough to delve into it. I now understand the stark contrast between a musketeer and a Royal Musketeer, which evolved significantly over time, with the Royal Musketeers eventually forming the cavalry guard in the 18th century. This revelation cleared up a slew of misconceptions for me, and had the creators opted for flintlock muskets over matchlock, I might have given them five stars out of sheer enthusiasm. Alas, they missed the mark by a whole century. While I'm unsure if Alexandre Dumas had Huguenot roots, it's undeniable that Cardinal Richelieu's portrayal as a villain contrasts sharply with his historical collaboration with Louis XIII, which proved pivotal for France (and earned gratitude from a multitude of Huguenots in the captured La Rochelle). It's a rare instance where I find myself defending a Catholic cardinal... Setting aside the fact that the source material is pure fiction and poor Queen Anne is portrayed as some sort of party girl, the creators did justice to the tale as best they could. Having witnessed numerous adaptations of this story, I must confess that today's experience resonated most with me. D'Artagnan emerged as an ambitious young man not only striving for a position as a Royal Musketeer but with clear ambitions for an Algiers invasion. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and eagerly await a sequel. / Lesson learned: Belly flopping from the White Cliffs of Dover might not be the brightest idea. 4*+ ()