The Four Seasons

Komedia / Dramat
Stany Zjednoczone, 1981, 103 min

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angielski Alan Alda as director, writer and of course actor balances admirably on the edge of comedy and drama for 103 minutes and it is a joy to watch. There is not one main character, or two - there are six, and yet they are all written in such a way that not one is left out. Alda must have gotten the situations they get into from life (if not from his own, then from others), as believable as they are, and thanks to the fact that the plot is cleverly divided into four chapters ending with a point, everything is all the more interesting. Of the cast, I liked just about everyone, but I have to single out Alda's daughter Beatrice in a smaller role as a charmingly gloomy student in the third autumn chapter. She was great. ()

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