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Na pierwszy rzut oka Signe (w tej roli wschodząca gwiazda skandynawskiego kina Kristine Kujath Thorp) i Thomas wydają się być idealną parą. Młodzi, inteligentni, z szerokimi horyzontami oraz niebanalnym gustem. Pozory jednak mylą, bo ich relacja, zamiast wzajemnego wsparcia, oparta jest w dużej mierze na niezdrowej rywalizacji, a kwestią do rozstrzygnięcia pozostaje jedynie to, które z nich ma większe ego. Kiedy mężczyzna, będący aspirującym artystą, odnosi niespodziewany sukces, równowaga w związku zostaje zachwiana. Signe nie może pogodzić się z faktem, że światła reflektorów skupione są teraz wyłącznie na jej partnerze. Zdesperowana, celowo nadużywa niebezpiecznych farmaceutyków, co błyskawicznie odbija się nie tylko na jej zdrowiu, ale i wyglądzie. Czym jednak jest odrobina (?) cierpienia w porównaniu ze współczuciem oraz uwagą, które znowu może w pełni na sobie skupiać? (Aurora)


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angielski Attention whoring to the max. Nordic bizarreness taken to absurdity, flirting with the body horror genre, suffering from slight predictability and fierce defense against logic (after the first blood test, Signe would have been sent to the acute psychiatric ward). If you engage in the creative game, you will enjoy a darkly humorous journey into the inner turmoil of a collapsing personality, which, in the end, intertwines its thought processes with reality so ingeniously that you will accept the cleared rooms and group session with great relief. ()


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angielski A Norwegian oddity about narcissism, or what a person is capable of doing to get attention. Again, an interesting psychological study of a girl who overdoses on certain drugs and acquires a strange disease that gets her media attention. A film with hints of body horror, but more of a morbid black drama. In the hands of David Cronenberg or Clive Barker this could have been far more interesting and intense. There were a few hallucinogenic scenes that weren't entirely bad, but I was kind of hoping it would have turned out a bit more interesting and rewarding. The inclusion of both comedy and horror is really only marginal. Stronger average. Definitely worth a watch, fans of dramas and Scandinavia can throw in a star. 65% ()


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angielski No, I couldn't come up with a better term for such individuals than attention whores because it accurately captures these mentally ill beings without sugarcoating it. While this movie shows an extreme case, we're seeing more and more of that today. It often starts innocently enough with unboxing shoes on YouTube, then spirals into a hunt for likes and subscribers. You can't help but wonder what some patients are willing to share with their audience, and what many similarly affected viewers like. Officially, pornography is accessible from the age of eighteen, and even then its viewing is not recommended. I concur because some individuals don't distinguish between fiction and reality, and perhaps they should stick to bedtime stories. Yet, it's a mystery to me why such videos are readily accessible for such individuals with weaker judgment to imitate. Despite the heavy subject matter, the Norwegian-Swedish group of creators hit the mark for me. I found their "comedy" (whoever decided to call it that) quite enjoyable. / Lesson learned: Just when I thought I couldn't be surprised by any sexual fantasy, I was wrong again... ()


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angielski A well-made black comedy about narcissism gone out of control, laying waste to whatever is in its way. Nothing to fault here in terms of theme, acting and music. The main downside lies in the pace, which shoots up and down like a rollercoaster at first, only to level out at a level that is simply boring, with everything needlessly rushing downhill to the finish. Plotholes abound in the screenplay, although well-aimed, snappy one-liners make this movie. In the end, slightly above-average work, but the Norwegians can do better. ()