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To będzie kolejny rozdział oryginalnej serii, nie jest reboot. To, co wydarzyło się w latach 80-tych, pozostanie w latach 80-tych, a akcja nowego filmu będzie się rozgrywać współcześnie w Nowym Yorku. (UIP)

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angielski The balance of the previous film, which playfully combined nostalgia with new characters and followed up naturally, is sadly gone. For some unknown reason, they didn't want to give us what they promised last time, and so the original team certainly didn't return to action; on the contrary, it seems to me that they did even less (with the possible exception of Dan Aykroyd). Thus, the most interesting character remained Phoebe, played by Mckenna Grace. It's not a bad movie at all, but I saw it a week ago and I almost don't know what it was about anymore. And that's never a good thing. ()


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angielski The world is in danger as an ancient spirit returns to the scene, intent on turning everything into ice, and he must be stopped by the Ghostbusters, young and old – or rather, the old ones. The sequel to the successfully rebooted franchise refuses to move on, relying on the nostalgia card, which of course stops working after half an hour. And then it gets bad. They don't really address the plot, the new characters or ideas, they just look for ways to reference something from the original films, forgetting that the film should build up, lead to something and you should care about the characters not just because you saw some of them thirty-five years ago. A useless film that may well bury the franchise. ()



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angielski Frozen Empire gives more space to the original cast and tries even harder to make nostalgic connections to the original films than Afterlife does, yet it falls short of the quality of the 80s classics and leaves the potential just floating in the (deathly cold) air. The main villain has a pleasingly eerie look, and it's quite a shame that he arrives on the scene relatively late and figures more in "whispered" hints. The new cast from Afterlife, expanded this time with Kumail Nanjiani, seemed so futile again. A sequel that was probably made just to be, without trying to make any kind of shift or add value to the Ghostbusters universe. ()

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