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  • Stany Zjednoczone Hundreds of Beavers
Komedia / Przygodowy / Sensacyjny
Stany Zjednoczone, 2022, 108 min


Szalona slapstickowa komedia prosto z USA. Co zrobisz, gdy w wyniku inwazji humanoidalnych bobrów stracisz cały dorobek życia? Amerykański reżyser Mike Cheslik zabiera widzów w jedyną w swoim rodzaju wyprawę w śnieżne rubieże Wisconsin. (Mayfly)

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angielski Hundreds of Beavers is a low-budget film set in snowbound 19th-century Wisconsin that combines the visuals of classic silent films with the dynamism of Warner Brothers animated slapstick, takes something of the video game aesthetic, and mixes all of these styles into a well-crafted whirlwind of bombastically funny ideas and curious situations. It's a masterclass in script construction and, in particular, the creation, repetition and expansion of individual gags, which abound with an inventiveness like no other film in a long time. I can't remember the last time I laughed in a cinema like this. For the two main filmmakers, this is a seven-mile leap forward from their previous Lake Michigan Monster, and at the same time, we have once again a wonderful demonstration that you can get a lot of value for money if you have solid ideas in your head. And that some of those ideas have the chops to make this little flick an instant comedy classic. ()


wszystkie recenzje użytkownika

angielski An extraordinary torrent of creativity in the best comedy of recent years and, at the same time, a surprising update of slapstick for the 21st century. It’s as if Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd joined hands with Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote, with the late, great Czech fantasy director Karel Zeman in the director’s chair, having just discovered the possibilities of computer graphics. This film is definitive confirmation of the proposition that a small budget is not an obstacle when you have enough ideas and creative ability. In the case of Hundreds of Beavers, the filmmakers have ideas in spades and they pack so many of them into the film that they easily fill the whole runtime, thus turning the limited resources for making the film into a strength, so the result, including the visual aspect, is outrageously funny, creative and endearing. The plot never slows down for even a minute, the individual gags progressively evolve and build up to unpredictable levels, and the film works superbly with the characters and recurring motifs while making full use of the snow-covered forest setting and the associated props. Hundreds of Beavers is a unique film and clearly a future cult classic. ()


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