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Młoda dziewczyna Asha wypowiada życzenie tak potężne, że odpowiada na nie kosmiczna siła – gwiazdka o ogromnej mocy. Asha, jej wierny towarzysz koziołek Valentino i gwiazdka wspólnie stawiają czoła najgroźniejszemu wrogowi – władcy Rosas królowi Magnifiko. Czy ocalą swoją społeczność i udowodnią, że kiedy wola jednego odważnego człowieka łączy się z magią gwiazd mogą wydarzyć się cudowne rzeczy? (Disney)


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angielski The decline of male role models in fairy tales is sad, but what scares me here is more the overcomplication of motives leading to possession by evil. Yet the primary one - not fulfilling all wishes - is not satisfactorily explained. The attempt at realism thus comes up empty, and the kids just won't get it. Otherwise, the European Union, America and Russia's approach to government are mixed together in one fairy tale. Disney adds songs, animals and beautiful visuals. It's all quite mechanical, but in trying to be original it forgets that every good fairy tale needs heart rather than weird half-truths. Encanto was much better ()


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angielski Perhaps the most damaging aspect Wish is the label "Disney centennial film", both from the side of the audience's expectations and from the side of the filmmakers, who have unwittingly tried to put the centennial history of this famous studio into a film. As for the visuals, I liked the blending of 3D animation with cartoon elements. I also praise the locations (the forest scenes evoked films from the 1930s to the 1950s). While I enjoy pop culture references in some films, in the case of Wish I found them too forcefully and artlessly incorporated (e.g. Bambi or Peter Pan), though I liked the final peek at Sleeping Beauty. The story itself wasn't bad, but it didn't have any downright memorable or powerful scenes. Aside from that, I was bothered at times by the excessive goofiness of the main characters, detracting from the experience of the film. The songs were generally good and unlike the film itself, I will certainly return to them. Average three stars! ()


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