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Tancerka Elena i tłumacz języka migowego Dovydas spotykają się i tworzą więź, w której muszą odnaleźć swój sposób odkrywania intymności. (HBO Max)

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angielski A romantic drama about the beginning of a relationship between a dancer and a sign-language interpreter, who at the start admits to her that, as an asexual, he has no desire to have a sex life. This entirely realistic antithesis of Hollywood romantic relationship flicks excels with its natural characters with believable views, while it is most powerful in those moments when the pair of protagonists interact with each other, discuss their feelings and try to lead a shared life. In contrast to that, every scene in which only one of them is present seems significantly less engaging, which is also true of the filler shots from dance rehearsals and the passages with the interpreting of songs. The occasional humour (a drunken friend’s overnight stay, fast food as a treatment for emotional pain) is a pleasant bonus. At any rate, it’s a good thing that this viewer-friendly relationship movie was made at all, given that the topic of asexuality hadn’t previously been used to such an extent. ()

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