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Austriacka Cesarzowa Elżbieta zatrudnia hrabinę Irmę jako swoją nową damę dworu i zabiera ją do swojej rezydencji na Korfu. (HBO Max)

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angielski Each generation interprets the myth of the empress a bit differently. This is a highly original interpretation and one of the few that focuses on the end of her life as the main theme. Her relationship with the last lady-in-waiting and the events in Corfu. The artistic license taken is quite wild, especially regarding the costumes and selected music, but there's also Herzogin in Bayern (1837-1898) depicted during her meeting with Queen Victoria (1819-1901). The public got to know the personality of the Hungarian Irma Sztáray (1863-1940) through her memoirs. Equally intriguing is the figure of the homosexual brother of Emperor Ludwig Viktor (1842-1919), nicknamed Luzivuzi or Bubi. It's not a significant loss, but certainly not the best film inspired by the empress's life. ()