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Animowany / Sensacyjny / Przygodowy / Komedia / Fantasy
Japonia, (2023–2024), 10 h (Liczba minut: 24 min)


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angielski A series about a gamer made by gamers, for gamers! Initially, it was a dark horse of the fall season for me, an incredibly entertaining show that spoke my language as a gamer. It was clear right from the start that its creators were true video game enthusiasts, using terms like perfect parry and glass cannon build that only those who've spent time gaming would understand. The main character's unique appearance with his chosen build and acquired debuff immediately caught my attention. In fact, I was so captivated by Sunraku that I had a blue bird as my avatar for half a year. As the series progressed, it just kept getting better and better. It began revealing the local lore, showcasing crafting and other game mechanics, and I quickly found myself drawn into a world I would love to immerse myself in — a game I'd want to play myself. I enjoyed watching Sunraku on his journey, believing in his enthusiasm and dedication. While there were occasional minor flaws, I've come to expect certain quirks in Asian games—like having their own screaming Paimon (here, Emul) or another mascot (and emergency food source). The humor could be wild and childish at times, but the authors compensated with awesome action and surprisingly good animation from the C2C studio. I remember poking fun at Dragon Ball in the past, where fights lasted multiple episodes. And here, it's the same concept, but it makes perfect sense. Just like in a video game, you have boss fights that are hyped for several episodes, heroes preparing for them, and then the real deal with enemies having several different phases like in soulslike games. The fight with Wethermon lived up to expectations, fulfilling the concept of a boss fight to perfection. The episodes dedicated to him flew by, and the animation was truly showcased here — dynamic, intense, and beautifully colored. In terms of animation, Shangri-La Frontier stands strong, hitting A-tier levels just like Solo Leveling. I'm willing to forgive the animators for the minor CG slip in the penultimate episode with the crystalline scorpions. In short, Shangri-La Frontier delivered on all fronts for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and eagerly anticipate the next season, announced to arrive surprisingly soon — in just half a year. I can confidently recommend this series not only to anime fans but also to RPG players, especially ARPG enthusiasts. For me, it's a solid 9/10. ()