Dzieci Amelii

Zwiastun 2
Horror / Thriller
Portugalia, 2023, 92 min


Mieszkający w Nowym Jorku Edward nigdy nie poznał swoich biologicznych rodziców. W poszukiwaniu rodzinnych korzeni zgadza się na test DNA. Wyniki badania prowadzą go do tajemniczej willi w Portugalii, w której mieszka matka mężczyzny i jego zaginiony brat bliźniak. Rodzinna sielanka zamienia się jednak w koszmar, gdy Edward zaczyna powoli odkrywać tajemnice swojej rodziny. (Velvet Spoon)


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Zwiastun 2

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angielski I'm satisfied. I like these themes where someone is just plain weird and when it's spiced up with witchcraft, so much the better. The story is about a man who is looking for his biological family, he gets a call from his brother in Portugal and so he and his girlfriend go to visit him, but who are they and what do they want? This premise has been quite popular for the last few years and the twist is not surprising, but it doesn't matter. The unsettling atmosphere with a few unpleasant scenes and one decent jump scare worked for me. The mother's appearance is thus a deterrent case for today's ladies respectively, how you will look in 30 years with all the plastic surgery and botox, she was quite creepy. The craftsmanship is good, so are the actors, the suspense with the music in the final third works fine and I really liked the reference to Goya. Paco Plaza's The Grandmother was a level above, but liked this one too. PS: Scaring with old people has worked for me since The Visit and it suits me better than today's ghost stories. 6/10 ()

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