Dramat / Romantyczny / Biograficzny / Erotyczny
Francja / Wielka Brytania / Wietnam, 1992, 115 min (Alternatywny 111 min)


W 1929 roku w Indochinach francuska nastolatka wdaje się w lekkomyślny i zakazany romans z bogatym, starszym od siebie Chińczykiem. Obydwoje zdają sobie sprawę, że ich romansu przyniesie im dramatyczne konsekwencje. (HBO Max)

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angielski If it were just a tad more daring and visible, it would be even better. If it had been stronger towards the end and the viewer didn't feel like it was already starting to fizzle out by then. Then I would say The Lover is a great film, but as it is, it ended up falling slightly short of greatness. Still, I think Annaud had a very good theme and he handled it well. ()


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angielski A captivating story with Lolita themes, which unfortunately reeks of cheapness in the most important moments. I definitely don't imagine a good love scene as a couple touching each other for the first time in bed, and the narrator's voice speaking in a manner that could be mistaken for a pornographic transcript. After the most intimate connection, the rest of the film can be summed up with the motto "when sex gets out of hand," and it doesn't have the same power as the previous plot. Many side storylines are left unresolved, including the ending itself, making it a disappointing average. ()


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