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  • Stany Zjednoczone Criminal Minds (więcej)
Kryminał / Dramat / Suspens / Thriller
Stany Zjednoczone / Kanada, (2005–2024), 243 h 7 min (Liczba minut: 40–84 min)


Jeff Davis


Richard Shepard, Andy Wolk, Charles Haid, Steve Shill (więcej)


Matthew Gray Gubler, Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, Mandy Patinkin, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Paget Brewster, Lola Glaudini, Chandler Canterbury (więcej)
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Akcja serialu toczy się wokół elitarnej grupy agentów FBI, którzy analizują motywy działania najgroźniejszych przestępców, przewidując ich kolejny ruch zanim ci uderzą ponownie. (FOX)

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angielski we have a poster with South American fresh water dolphins and over there there’s a VHS cassette with a b+w movie on it; on the basis of this information, the murderer is a compulsive nostalgic and a perverse obsession with bodies of water. That’s about how psychological profiles are created and presented by the “professionals" in this series. The template for each separate episode is identical. The directing is tired and the only watchable “trademark" of the whole series is the visual combination of Gideon’s hypotheses with the reality of how a crime might have been committed. It’s not just unwatchable, it is barely mediocre. And, at a time when we currently have more than enough crime series on Czech TV, is simply too little. ()


wszystkie recenzje użytkownika

angielski It's not as perfect as Die Cleveren, but there are some great episodes in there. However, you can't even find competition for SuperBorn in building a profile of the perpetrator. ;) ()


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