Rozpieszczona kobieta, która dobrze wyszła za mąż, próbuje odnaleźć siebie i rozważa coś nie do pomyślenia - romans pozamałżeński. (HBO Max)

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angielski A Woody Allen fairy tale. The humor is scarce, but it's there ("Nothing fazes a New York cabbie!", the muse, the final party), the main character is naivety and tenderness personified, the pleasant story is easy to predict (but what kind of a fairy tale would it be then, right?).... What I liked most was the character of "Doctor" Yang and his supply of herbs. I'd take the invisibility herb every now and again. ()


wszystkie recenzje użytkownika

angielski I smiled at the clever ending of the refined Alice, eagerly anticipating what the next herbs would do, and admired the gentle closeness of the fantastic flashbacks. And yet there is a bit of a lack of the masculine element. The usual wisecracks are purely Mia Farrow's jurisdiction this time, and while she is amazing as usual, as a character actress, she has a bit of trouble with that lightness. And the slow pace, which by Woody Allen's standards is more generous in terms of duration, is a huge obstacle. ()


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