Will Rodman (James Franco) to naukowiec pracujący w firmie farmaceutycznej Gen-Sys, w której pracuje się nad stworzeniem leku regenerującego tkankę mózgową. Celem naukowca jest wynalezienie leku na chorobę Alzheimera, na którą cierpi jego ojciec, Charles (John Lithgow). Skupiony wyłącznie na pracy, ma problemy z kontaktami z innymi ludźmi, ale choroba ojca zbliża ich do siebie. Badanie leku ALZ-112 na ludziach ujawnia skutek uboczny w postaci wzrostu agresji, więc Will musi zamknąć swój projekt. Nagłe zakończenie badań jest dla Willa szokiem, zwłaszcza że w tym samym czasie zostaje mu powierzony mały szympans, najbardziej obiecujący obiekt nowych badań. Małpa, która zmieni oblicze świata, nosi imię Caesar. (Imperial Cinepix)


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angielski Along with X-Men, this is the second blockbuster this year that pushes the envelope in spectacular ways (WETA studio has once again pushed the boundaries of the impossible) while not being afraid to be clever. There may be some reservations regarding it, but we will see after the second screening. Very soon. [PS: When I heard the word "No!" my heart stopped for a few seconds.] ()


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angielski Leaving aside Green Hornet, which came out in winter, this is the first blockbuster of the year that managed to not only meet my expectations, but to surpass them, too. If you really wanted to dig into it, you’ll find loads of inconsistencies in logic, but this film is so entertaining, genuine and emotional that I will not get into that. The old classic can be glad to have such a good young sibling, It has nothing to be ashamed of. I loved the references and I would love to take little Caesar home :) ()



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angielski The film objectively has enough flaws (logical missteps, sometimes strange editing, a few unnecessarily cheesy scenes). But it deserves great respect for its childish enthusiasm and completely anachronic use of tricks. I haven't enjoyed the liveliness and soul of trick sequences this much in a long time... as if Rise of the Planet of the Apes was actually going back to the 1960s, when every trick was a little joyful miracle. Personally, this film reminded me of why I love science fiction so much (that uplifting feeling of magical escape from the everydayness) and surprised me very pleasantly by resigning on the theme of direct civilizational conflict. In short, we follow the spontaneous demise of the old community and the resulting birth of a new community, which has, much more than the features of the classic apocalyptic sci-fi elements, features of a romantic story of a lone monster and its naive creator. At the same time, the film establishes the opportunity to tell the whole series again (including a reference to the unfortunate flight of Icarus), which makes me happy after watching this intimate, emotional and outwardly pleasurable spectacle. ()


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angielski Veni, Vidi, Vici. Now two Caesars can say this. A prequel thirty years later where the senselessly grafted on (and absolutely unnecessary) action finale in “what didn’t fit into Jackson’s King Kong" style which unfortunately reduces the emotional ride mediated by soulful ape gazes to a regular, although very well-made, popcorn movie. But it also has a “heart", which is pretty rare for blockbusters in recent years. ()


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angielski The monkeys’ gazes gradually become more expressive and sincere than the gazes of the human actors, and the initial protagonist, a scientist played by James Franco, and his companions become nothing but a bunch of extras. In other words, it’s rather more "Rise of the Planet of WETA". It has the charm of fantasy worlds, a fast pace, a deluge of visual and screenwriting ideas, perfect action, loads of emotions, a subtle ecological message, and especially the omnipresent positive feel-good vibes without the need for darkness and violence, though the film talks about serious things. It is not possible that it took just a little over 100 minutes. For me, this was a feast, a perfect viewing experience and the most enjoyable blockbuster since the mid-1990s (Jurassic Park, Twister). And here I thought that the problem was just me being unable to go back there. ()

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