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Danny Rose is a small-time agent for mediocre music artists. In order to help a client of his to make a rebound in his music career, Danny Rose offers to pretend to be his client's mistress Tina's boyfriend so that his client can feel confident having her in the audience with his wife. Only what Danny doesn't know is that, two mobsters are looking for the man who stole Tina's heart from their brother. (oficjalny tekst dystrybutora)


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angielski At first viewing perhaps unremarkable, but at the second, third, fourth or God knows how many viewings, it is another very pleasant, if not excellent, contribution to Woody Allen's filmography. Somewhat surprisingly (at least for me), this time it was not Allen himself who was in front of the camera, but rather the amazing Mia Farrow in a position I am not used to seeing her in. But that doesn't mean that Allen fleeing from Italian murderers equipped with a pistol and an axe isn't magical. Too bad we didn't see the "Clark's penguin on roller skates dressed as a rabbi". Or at least a one-legged tap dancer. ()


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angielski A clear example of Woody Allen's nostalgic and happily romantic period. As expected, the story told by the group sitting in the restaurant is at its strongest in the moments when Allen sparkles as a neurotic manager and it beautifully shows how much the master creator loves the cabaret performances from the old school. The strength of this film does not come to the viewer during brilliant word gags or during the romantically escalating ending, but only after the end credits, when they have nothing left but to leave this magical atmosphere. ()


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