Transformers: Przebudzenie Bestii

  • Stany Zjednoczone Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (więcej)
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Akcja filmu Transformers: Przebudzenie Bestii będzie miała miejsce w latach 90-tych i zabierze widzów w podróż dookoła świata. Do odwiecznej wojny między Autobotami i Deceptikonami dołączą nowe frakcje: Maximale, Predacony oraz Terracony. (UIP)

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angielski Michael Bay's last movies were at least entertainingly stupid, including the over-the-top 5th one, which was definitely already in guilty-pleasure mode. But this is just pure borefest for kids. Yes, it looks nice, it's all manufactured for maximum effect, a proper big-studio job. But if you're past your childhood, there's no point in watching it at all. At least with Bay's last film you could laugh at its ridiculousness, but here there's nothing to laugh at, just boredom floating in the safe waters of unpretentious children's entertainment :o) My friend's eight year old twins were delighted, so I guess it served its purpose. ()


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angielski The new director definitely did not bring new blood or many new ideas. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is not as embarrassing to watch as Michael Bay's last attempts, but visually and story-wise it is a flat and boring film that has no chance of capturing attention in this year's summer blockbuster competition. ()


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angielski Slightly better than The Last Knight, but still pretty weak compared to the original trilogy. You can feel the absence of Michael Bay in the action, the visuals, the army, the one-liners, and even the Hot Girl, who was the foundation of the series. The addition of the mechanical animals is perhaps the only interesting element of this installment, which has a pretty cool action finale that I liked, but you can very much feel that I've grown out of it and it's more of a show of boredom than something to look forward to. I wouldn't be angry if it was over already. 5/10. ()


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angielski The latest entry in the Transformers universe, Raise of the Beasts, follows a similar path to its predecessors, but I'm glad that, as with Bumblebee, the makers were sensible about the film's running time. Expecting a decent script from something like this would be very naive, as this film is all about the action, which was bountiful and thankfully clear. So the fact that two initially clueless people become seasoned pros and BFFs with the Autobots at the snap of a finger can easily be overlooked. Out of the Maximals, I liked Airazor the best, while out of the Autobots, I enjoyed Mirage the most. At their core, the new Transformers is admittedly crap, but the movie was fun to watch in the theater and didn't get boring thanks to the brisk action. ()