Fauda - Season 3


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Doronowi udaje się owinąć sobie wokół palca młodego, zdeterminowanego boksera, gdy po kilku miesiącach tajnej misji zespół trafia na ślad poszukiwanego lidera Hamasu. (Netflix)

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wszystkie recenzje użytkownika (do tego serialu)

angielski So the 3rd season is definitely the best. Not only did the budget increase, but also the action, which is very solid. The setting of Gaza is properly uncomfortable and the special commando of Palestinians was a great addition. I'm definitely excited for a 4th season. 9/10. ()


wszystkie recenzje użytkownika (do tego serialu)

angielski I won’t pretend I haven’t noticed how the small imperfections from the previous seasons turned into massive flaws in the third one. At times I was completely baffled by the creator’s weird choices, but I decided to ignore them. For the third time in a row, I really enjoyed the fate of the Israeli commando, so I’m hoping for another season. ()


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