W tym gwiazdorskim portrecie lat czterdziestych Woody Allen splata komiczne wspomnienia młodego chłopca z dziwacznymi historiami ze złotej ery radia, tworząc zachwycający gobelin zabawnych historii… i piękną pochwałę minionej epoki. (Prime Video)

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angielski I did feel a little bit worse when I read that Woody was inspired by Fellini - but in the end, it's a nice little radio story/family fresco of a typical Jewish American family that isn't even distracted by World War II. The narrator is a boy straight out of Dickens/any Italian family (autobiographical) nostalgia where the boys are mainly into stalking pretty MILFs. The production design is slowly starting to resemble the era in which this is supposed to take place (we end on New Year's Eve 1943) and the fact that Woody's favorites Mia Farrow and Dianne Wiest are involved makes it palatable. Mainly other directors should look at it and realize that even in this way it is possible to make a film out of anecdotes, even anecdotes on a single topic. Overall, it does work. ()


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angielski Charmingly retro, that's how I like Woody Allen best. And I must admit, I envy him that dreamy look back at his childhood. I know I shouldn't, but I just can't help it. It made me smile and laugh for eighty-five minutes. ()



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angielski This time, Allen is tuned into a strong nostalgic wave, more than ever before. That's why I would recommend him to everyone, including the director's most stubborn opponents. Anyone who doesn't melt during the brilliant passage with the baseball player surely has no sense of humor. ()


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angielski The 80s suited Allen, and he made one hit after another back then. I'm not sure if Radio Days is his best film, and to be honest, I doubt it (for example, I prefer Love and Death), but it is definitely his most personal film, in which he confesses his love for everything that shaped his childhood and adolescence. It's somewhat similar to Amarcord, at least in terms of nostalgic reminiscence of the past. Allen skillfully blends reality with fiction, viewing the world through the eyes of a slightly romantic and mischievous boy who tries what the surroundings allow him. The portrayal of family members is great, played by Allen's favorite and well-coordinated actors. Especially the part of Mia Farrow and her legendary character Sally is fabulous, and Dianne Wiest is also excellent as the wedding-seeking aunt. Allen's look back into the past is pleasant, World War II only forms a marginal background, and the destinies of the characters are rather influenced by the treacherous attack of Martians from Orson Welles' famous radio play. Radio Days is a great retro film that is excellently cast, and has amazing music. Overall impression: 85%. ()

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