Dramat / Psychologiczny
Stany Zjednoczone, 1987, 82 min


After a devastating nervous breakdown, emotionally fragile Lane (Farrow) has returned to her childhood home in Vermont to recuperate. Buoyed by a summer romance with neighboring writer Peter (Waterston), Lane is soon determined to leave Vermont and start a new life. But when Peter's affections mysteriously cool, and Lane's overbearing mother arrives with a shocking announcement, Lane finds herself suddenly tangled in a destructive web of passion, deception and manipulation. Now her only way out of her emotional tailspin is to confront the fear she's never escaped a terrifying secret that has haunted her entire life. (oficjalny tekst dystrybutora)


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angielski An atypically purely serious and surprisingly also quite depressing story of one storm, without the usual self-irony. But there it lacks Woody Allen in an acting role and Elaine Stritch's not-quite-convincing presence strongly hinders. The reason I consider September to be among the director's least successful films is mainly because, in addition to Lane, the characters lack a bit more depth. ()


wszystkie recenzje użytkownika

angielski Amazing. I mean, September is a very sad, even depressing film, but Woody Allen (an eternal, though often quite latent optimist) still managed to give it an ending that has enough hope to warm you up in the end. I still prefer Allen's comedies, but September is a truly masterful piece. Just like Another Woman. ()


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