Opowieść, której akcja rozgrywa się w ośrodku wychowawczym dla trudnej młodzieży. Młody nauczyciel trafia tu jako wychowawca i odmawia wejścia w rolę dozorcy. Zamiast tego stara się dotrzeć do swoich podopiecznych. Jego idealizm zderza się z brutalną, młodzieńczą siłą. (Kino na hranici)

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angielski This is concentrated depression that occurs only exceptionally in Czech cinema. Practically every shot, every location, and every film character looks like they are from the very bottom. The black and white camera only emphasizes the hopeless environment and chooses places where the world economic crisis, war, and all possible miseries raged. In this film, normal human joys are hardly present, and at most we see unfulfilled desires. The environment of the educational institution is depressing, even though the script does not allow for any exceptional brutality among the wards. However, tension builds up throughout and a series of disturbing hints culminate in a chilling ending. This is the most interesting film by Hynek Bočan, which, in my opinion, is only surpassed by Honour and Glory in his filmography. After the director encountered problems with his first two tragic films, he chose a different conflict-free direction for his work. Overall impression: 85%. ()

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