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Choć Carol Danvers, znana jako Kapitan Marvel, wyzwoliła się spod despotycznej kontroli Kree i zemściła na Najwyższej Inteligencji, wciąż nie ma chwili odpoczynku we wszechświecie rozdartym licznymi konfliktami. W czasie kolejnej misji dochodzi do komplikacji: dziwacznym zbiegiem okoliczności bohaterka przekracza kosmiczny portal powiązany z rasą Kree. W efekcie moce Carol zostają splecione z nadludzkimi zdolnościami jej największej fanki, Kamali Khan (znanej jako Miss Marvel), oraz dawno niewidzianej przyszywanej siostrzenicy, astronautki Moniki Rambeau, obecnie służącej na S.Z.A.B.L.I. Cała trójka musi połączyć siły, by ponownie ocalić wszechświat jako grupa o nazwie Marvels. (Disney)


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angielski On paper, it meets the quota. A girly Marvel movie with an unlikeable and downright repulsive villain packed with visual effects. There's no shortage of environmental overtones, even saving the sun at the end. The script connects series characters, but simply to somehow link them to what's happening on the silver screen. The biggest WTF is the Planet of the Songs, which is probably the thing my four-year-old daughter will like best. The secret invasion doesn't make sense after that (I guess it took place in another reality), and the cats save the day. Somehow. Pretty pointless episode defying physics, logic, but it goes by pretty quickly. Zawe Ashton is disgusting. Brie Larson is awfully nice, especially in a sports bra. Too bad she's not getting better scripts. ()


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angielski A below-average and obviously mismanaged Marvel film, which impresses with unexpectedly decent action scenes and some chemistry between the central trio. Apart from that, it can only offer a not very interesting story, boring visuals and really very poor attempts to work with the characters and their psychology. And some really really idiotic ideas. It's not a complete blunder like, say, the latest Thor, but it's not a good movie either. ()



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angielski From the first trailer, this light-hearted-looking film with three heroines is very much about the heroines, and it's light-hearted to boot. Oh, yeah. I really liked The Marvels, perhaps because I wasn't expecting a second Civil War, perhaps because I don't mind switching and looking at different movies through different eyes. So I enjoyed not only the interplay of the central trio, but also looking for that interplay, with the most important role played by the perfect Iman Vellani as Kamala. It's hard to imagine a better guide through the Marvels story than an enthusiastic teenage girl who finally made it from a show to a movie and from dreams to their realization. The film is light, fun, colorful, has an understandably driven female villain, an absolutely great score (Laura Karpman, do some Star Wars, please), including a musical passage where Disney kind of pokes fun at itself, imaginative action passages with character flipping, effective humor in scenes like "Nick Fury and Kamala's family", as if cut from an Emmerich flick,... And there are cats and Cats! The most likeable Marvel movie in a long time. ()

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