Wojownicze żółwie ninja: Zmutowany chaos

  • Stany Zjednoczone Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (więcej)
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Po latach bycia chronionym przed ludzkim światem, bracia wyruszają, aby zdobyć serca nowojorczyków i zostać zaakceptowanym jako normalni nastolatkowie poprzez bohaterskie czyny. Ich nowa przyjaciółka April O'Neil pomaga im w walce z tajemniczym syndykatem . (UIP)

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angielski The makers and I didn’t meet eye-to-eye. It is very possible that the new Ninja Turtles just didn't fit me and will fit you a lot more. That's how it goes. In any case, I left the cinema feeling not only that I wasted time, but also disillusioned, because I grew with the Turtles in the 90s, loved them almost fanatically (for purely practical reasons I wanted to be Donatello, because you can find a stick anywhere as opposed to a sword) and if my parents had to suffer like I did in the cinema today because of it, I'm terribly sorry for them in retrospect. In any case, Seth Rogen's version, whose humour I have a soft spot for at other times, has missed me in by a long margin. For one thing, I find his Ninja Turtles almost repulsive to look at. I understand that it's all about stylization, personality, and so on, but still, I probably shouldn't feel like I'm watching an unfinished film or a Robot Chicken joke stretched out over an hour and a half. It's ugly. And it's not very funny either, because the humor here is usually represented by scenes in which the four turtles are shouting so much that they can't be understood and you're just waiting for April, Splinter or someone else to make them shut up. The action has its moments, especially the opening in the garage, but once the mutants get on the scene, it goes down the drain as well. The result is an unimaginative, boring and pretty ugly thing that I'll try to forget as soon as possible. But like I said, maybe you will like the visuals, and maybe you can hear what the characters are talking about in that loud mess. And maybe you'll find they're talking about something funny. I'm not going to find out a second time. ()


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angielski Likeable and cool animation, nice characters and pretty decent action, but I was expecting to be more amazed by it, especially the humour seemed pretty bland (too bad Rogen couldn't do his thing here), and ironically I was more entertained by the mutants than the turtles, which probably wasn't the intention. A cool fairy tale for a boring evening. 6/10. ()



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angielski The animation style is downright hideous, I don't know how Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg could approve something so awfully drawn. Except for the turtles, everything is horrifying to look at. With the other mutants, it's sort of expected, but the normal humans are perhaps even uglier than the mutants. The visuals themselves are good, especially during the action scenes, which are dynamic, vivid, and a joy to watch. The turtles are really teenagers and their wisecracks makes sense for their age. The story with its multicultural overlay is annoying, as there is perhaps nothing but that theme in animation today, but it is wrapped up in awesome action sequences and goofy banter that must have been a challenge to translate. I don't know whether to look forward to the next episode, but I know one thing for sure, I can't let my daughter watch these turtles because she'll be scared of all those monsters = people. P.S.: Trent Reznor's music is awesome ()

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