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Koniec XVIII wieku. Po śmierci ukochanej matki, młody Victor Frankenstein decyduje się opuścić ojca i przybraną siostrę Elisabeth, aby zacząć studia medyczne w Ingolstadt. Victor jest zafascynowany wykładami profesora Walmana, który uważa, że możliwe jest stworzenie żywej istoty z martwej materii. Po latach prób Frankensteinowi udaje się stworzyć sztucznego człowieka. Efekt końcowy jest przerażający. Frankenstein postanawia zniszczyć monstrum, jednak ono ucieka z laboratorium. (Cinemax)


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angielski This is a great film. A classic novel filmed in such a way that it has the parameters of a Shakespearean tragedy. Just as Mrs. Shelley intended. De Niro is amazing - the way he evokes disgust and compassion at the same time is unique, Branagh is great in front of and behind the camera, the demonic music by Patrick Doyle is his best piece and in terms of energy it beats Elfman. Oh, and there's John Cleese in his best serious role. What more do you want? ()


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angielski A superb adaptations of “Frankenstein”. The pace at the beginning is very slow, but everything gets better when the demonic De Niro enters the stage, and the ending is awesome. Some scenes are brilliantly put together, for instance, the burning characters running down a corridor is pure eye candy. I wasn’t expecting it, but I liked this film a lot. ()



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angielski I don't believe anyone will make a better version of Frankenstein in the future than Brannagh. Inventive direction, striking visual stylisation and an irresistibly nasty De Niro. I don't want to insult the black and white classic, but while Boris Karloff rather makes me laugh, De Niro's monster evokes real terror mixed with pity. ()


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angielski So far, this is the best adaptation of the famous novel by Mary Shelley about the creation of an artificial being. This impressive drama can boast not only excellent performances and high-quality casting but also great camera work that showcases all the locations where the story takes place. It is not only a horror, but also a magnificent drama. Overall impression: 85%. ()


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angielski This is how a modern film adaptation of a literary classic should look like. A very strong and captivating artistic stylization, excellent production design, very strong and atmospheric music, and last but not least, a high-quality screenplay. How could it not be, when Frank Darabont was largely involved in it. ()

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