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Po śmierci króla Hamleta, królowa Gertruda wychodzi za mąż za jego brata, Klaudiusza. Do kraju wraca syn zmarłego władcy, noszący takie samo jak on imię. Hamlet jest zrozpaczony śmiercią ojca oraz zgorszony postępowaniem matki. Na zamku pojawia się duch króla, który namawia syna do zemsty. (Galapagos)

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angielski This is called theater. Kenneth Branagh's take on "Hamlet" is theatrical yet cinematically pompous. The acting is intriguing, and especially in the portrayal of Hamlet itself, truly beautiful if we overlook his fate, which isn't so beautiful. The acting aces and lesser-known faces show that theater works excellently in film as well. There aren't many films like this out there. ()


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angielski Hamlet + Kenneth Brannagh + tons of great actors. That couldn't have gone wrong. But at the same time, I think it could have gone better. The backdrop of the 19th century just doesn't work for me, and during some monologues I can't help feeling that what Branagh did so well – the obvious reshaping of Shakespeare's language into the language of the film – sounds herein kind of rigid, exhibitionist. But I still enjoyed the story. How else... ()



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angielski I've been looking forward to Branagh's Hamlet ever since it came on TV. Today, I don't feel that the wait for this was worth it. Branagh's version has its own ideas, and the all-star team recites the famous verses as best they can, but the whole thing is an experimental fake that lacks depth. ()


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angielski I use the term "masterpiece" sparingly, but here I simply have to use it. Kenneth Branagh has made an absolutely riveting spectacle out of a Shakespeare play that I always found disgustingly long-winded. The four hours didn't flow by, but I was glad for that - it was an impressively directed and acted four hours. The cast, the ease and naturalness with which they all delivered the original text without seeming out of place! Admirable. And of course Patrick Doyle's music deserves to be highlighted. Please, film distributors, finally release the remaining Branagh Shakespeare films! ()


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angielski This magnificent rendition of one of Shakespeare's most famous plays was, in my opinion, a success, and although I find films of this type harder to watch, Hamlet surprised me in its own way. The acting by many familiar faces, combined with the good production design, resulted in a fine piece of spectacle, with impressive performances by Kenneth Branagh and Kate Winslet. In short, a film for the more discerning viewer, which I am definitely not, but as far as my rating is concerned, I can't give a lower one. ()

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