Po śmierci swojego przyjaciela Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy, który dzięki temu filmowi zyskał sławę), policjant z Detroit podąża za tropem domniemanego mordercy. Poszukiwania doprowadzają go do Beverly Hills. Niestety na miejscu spotyka się z brakiem zrozumienia lokalnej policji, która więcej wagi przykłada do przestrzegania regulaminu niż do łapania przestępców. (Polsat)


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angielski I'm catching up on my backlog, and as it turns out, this film is part of it. I probably caught glimpses of this action comedy on TV now and then, but I didn't watch the whole thing, and it didn't leave much of an impression on me. Now I've finally seen the whole film and I have to admit it's pretty good in places and Eddie carries it well, but I didn't see much else in it. Except for that great melody that everyone knows thanks to the frog. ()


wszystkie recenzje użytkownika

angielski I hadn't seen the movie in a long time, and I certainly didn't remember it being this good. Eddie Murphy's loquaciousness and some of the gunfights aside, Beverly Hills Cop is exceptional mostly because of the characters and how they gradually grow closer. Of course, that's to be expected, but it's still a joy to see how, thanks to Foley's vivaciousness, all those initially uptight cops slowly melt away and start to have fun until they're downright enjoying themselves by the end. ()



wszystkie recenzje użytkownika

angielski Eddie Murphy is the only thing worth paying attention to, without him, it's just an average and ordinary-looking action B-movie with zero ambitions. But Murphy's verbosity and a ton of gags (though sometimes awkward) at least make the film somewhat decent, with a screenplay as naïve as the rest of the cast. The nostalgia of the 80s is pleasant even today. Axel Foley is undoubtedly one of the best roles in Murphy's not particularly likeable and stunning career, but for those who don't appreciate his mild sarcasm, contagious laughter, and a million words, I recommend switching the channel. ()

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