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Szorstki łowca nagród ma tylko pięć dni, aby dostarczyć kapryśnego malwersanta z Nowego Jorku do Los Angeles. Jednocześnie musi uciekać przed policją i gangsterami. (SkyShowtime)

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angielski A decent crime comedy from the late 80s, with a somewhat dragged-out runtime that results in duller moments throughout the film. The screenplay is fairly simple, but Robert De Niro's acting saves it to a certain extent. Overall impression: 70%. ()


wszystkie recenzje użytkownika

angielski I like films about seemingly unimaginable friendships, even though Hollywood has produced many of them and will surely produce many more. Midnight Run, on top of that, has a huge advantage in the cast: De Niro is one of the best actors ever and Grodin fits his role to a tee; and then there is the director, Brest, who already proved with Beverly Hills Cop that he has no problem combining humour and action. It's not a perfect piece of work, I didn't shed tears of laughter and I didn't swallow every sentence, but it's a torrent of smart, unobtrusive and straightforward entertainment, the kind that you can hardly find anywhere nowadays. And if I remember correctly, the female character was only given space in one single scene, which is a rarely seen, but absolutely brilliant move that had a big impact on the final result. ()


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