Na co dzień skryty i nieśmiały profesor filozofii Gary Johnson (Glen Powell), pokazuje drugie oblicze, dorabiając jako „fałszywy zabójca” na usługach Departamentu Policji z Nowego Orleanu. Obdarzony niespotykanym talentem do zdumiewających metamorfoz i przebieranek, mężczyzna nie ma sobie równych w wyłapywaniu ludzi planujących morderstwa swoich wrogów. Co jednak, gdy – podszywając się pod seksownego killera – sam znajdzie się pod wpływem i urokiem kobiety, którą zamierzał posłać za kratki? Czy uwikłany w gorący romans zdoła oprzeć się pięknej Madison (Adria Arjona), czy też sam stanie się ofiarą w tej przebiegłej grze pozorów? (Kino Świat)


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angielski Richard Linklater is quite an unexplored director for me, his work has always passed me by, so I didn't have high expectations and I wasn't too impressed either. The action was non-existent, the humour minimal to nonexistent and the whole thing hinged on the likable duo of Glen Powell and the beautiful Adria Arjona, but I didn't find the plot engaging, imaginative or very interesting either. Too simple for me without any interesting plot twists. Just average. I'll forget it tomorrow. 5/10. ()


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angielski The genre classification here raises expectations of a slightly different experience, but the resulting film is neither much action nor much comedy, so beware. That said, I was pleasantly surprised. An original idea, a nicely thought out script, hugely charismatic characters (Glen Powell has been on a really nice run). A very accessible film for the audience, and yet you can feel Richard Linklater's indie roots in every frame. PS: Coincidentally, I saw Hit Man on the same day as the Czech film Mr. and Mrs. Stodola, so it was an unplanned, dramaturgically very interesting double bill :D ()


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angielski A clever, well thought out script with a message about the fear of changes in life. Great pacing, top-notch acting – the dialogue! – Glen Powell disappears into the role. The story builds beautifully and there is no action at all. A lovely romantic film, with which Richard Linklater fulfills the dream of a lot of overweight, bespectacled students of getting their chance to bed that Adria Arjona. And it will only cost them the loss of their own personality. ()


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angielski I settled down, expecting an action-comedy, but twenty minutes in, I paused and checked the movie description to make sure I wasn’t dyslexic — it really did list Action/Comedy. It threw me off because it wasn’t exactly action-packed, nor was it a typical comedy. To me, it felt more like a lighthearted drama, which isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, I enjoyed the film’s style more than I anticipated. The story itself wasn’t groundbreaking, but it highlighted how crucial well-written dialogue is for a good script. The film didn’t pretend to be more than it was — an enjoyable, easy-going watch that didn’t overtax my brain, yet still felt intelligently crafted. Plus, Adria Arjona was great to watch, and I have to give props to Glen Powell. He nailed the role of a man who adeptly plays various roles himself. His performance was stellar; each character he portrayed looked and felt distinct, and it wasn’t just thanks to the makeup team. I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I expected. / Lesson learned: I'm not entirely sure if good triumphed over evil, but life isn’t a fairy tale, and sometimes it throws us moral dilemmas. ()